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Professional Clothing for Hairdressers, Washing Wipes for Beauty Salons

Strada Statale 231 10/a, 12066 Monticello d'Alba (Cuneo), Italia - -

La Gerardì was founded in 1975 in Alba (CN) in a workshop of 80 square meters and 4 employees with the intent to produce professional clothing that transformed a modest work garment in a beautiful uniform, easy to wear, functional, aesthetically pleasing to dress and see.
Since the first steps of the company, the founders, Franco Gilardi and Rosa Veglia, together with the stylists, have produced garments that follow the fashion of the moment, but were also able to support the problems of customers as in the case of stain and anti-ride fabrics dedicated to hairdressers.
Parallel to the style, the company's research has allowed the creation of fabrics that can be easily washable, smacchiabili, even if colored, thus giving customers a product of excellent quality but at the right price.
Gerardì is the first company to manufacture uniforms and linens for hairdressers and beauticians.

QUALITY & agrave;
This is confirmed, day after day, a great professionalism that is a guarantee, under the Gerardì brand, of work clothes able to solve the problems of: restaurant workers, beauty professionals, hair dressers. All products are in accordance with the EEC and the company since 2000 is certified UNI-EN-ISO 9001-2008.
Production site - The operating complex is located in about 4000 square meters divided into: production and warehouse, commercial offices, convention center, exhibition area of ​​the garments and ample parking.

Customers choose Gerardì certain style and quality: professionalism, timing and assistance are the most frequent items. A pool of professionals together with the product guarantees a serious attention to the environment, respect for the client and give the job the importance it deserves.

The continuous research and constant improvements in the choice of more and more modern and technological materials are flanked by the tradition of cutting and sewing that makes the Gerardì company a leading brand in the sector. Constantly growing thanks to the collaboration of agents operating in the area, the results deriving from the continuous relationship with the customer to support the sales network are remarkable.
In addition, the creative section of the company is constantly mirrored with the evolution of the market by constantly proposing innovations in the choice of fabrics, in the search for models, in identifying the colors that can best distinguish the activities.

State Road 231, 10 / a
12066 Monticello d'Alba (Cuneo), Italy