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Via Meucci, 16 - 20019 - Settimo Milanese (MI), Italy
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RAYWELL trade mark is an exclusive of Professional market since 1989.
It is distributed in Italy, Europe and Middle East only through exclusive distributors. Our production laboratory are well supported by a Development Team and Medical Center that assure an hight quality products.
RAYWELL trade mark includes the following brands:
- VIVACE Colour dyes (permanent, semi-permanent, blanch powder) oxidation, bleaches, colour stripping products, hair straightener, permanent;
- TERMAL ICE PURE, innovative tricology line;
- MODE Fashion styling line;
- PROJECT-OIL restructuring products, after colour.

Cream hair colouring with micronutrients.
Provides excellent grey hair coverage, even on fair shades. It has a warm natural base and a pleasant smell. Its special protective ingredients mean that it works in complete respect of your scalp and hair, without causing unpleasant burning sensations. Its latest generation pigments are able to develop fashion tones and colours with intense reflections. Leaves hair shiny and soft.
Shades: available in 62 different shades, plus 4 correctors subdivided into: Natural, Golden, Beige, Red, Mahogany, Violet, Copper, Bronze, Tobacco, Sand, Ash, Super-clarifying and Brown.
Color Mask
Is an extremely effective beauty treatment which adds color and shine with vegetable colorants ( henna , camomille and nut hasks ). Thank to the semi-permanent colour which acts on the surface of natural hair . Suitable for all types of hair , natural , dyed , bleached or highlighted. No ammonia . The colour obtained gradually fades . Violet , copper , red intense , mahogany red , golden , warm brown , black.
Ton on ton
Ammonia-free, cream hair colour made from plant extracts.
This dye leaves hair looking extremely shiny thanks to its special plant extracts. Non-aggressive. Ammonia-free. It offers an innovative range of fashion colours, guaranteeing total grey hair coverage thanks to its high pigment content.
Shades: available in 27 different shades + 6 intensive reds (able to cover grey hair without using the base and to lighten the base by about 1 shade).
Oxidising Emulsion at a stablised pH with plant extracts of sunflower and plant essences protects the hair durino the detonino phase and helps the color pigments to penetrate the scales better, improving the coverage of white hair and the duration of highlight. It also has an excellent natural perfume. High Protection - Perfumed - Plant essences.
VIVACE SOFT DEKO' is a decolorizing not volatile dust without ammonia, whose action is delicate and progressive, with a very good perfume. The delicate bleaching action happens without attacking the capillary fibre thanks to de corn proteins, which nourish and help the hair remaining polished and silky. The bleaching power stops after 6 bleach tones. The mixing can be carried out with 20 -30 volumes oxiding cream (50gr decolorizing dust + 100ml oxiding cream).

Antioxidant Treatment
Moisture-reolenishing shampoo for treated hair contains moisturizing substances and emollientes which give hair shine and softness, and make it easy to comb.
The green tea's antioxidant action blocks damaging free radicals wich make the hair dull and dry. An acid pH helps close scales giving the hair shine. Dermatologically-tested product.
Antioxidant conditioning cream contains green tea extract, nourishing active ingredients, and moisture-replenishing substance which block damaging free radicals.
Lotion Man and Woman
Used in hair-loss prevention treatment, considerably increases the cutaneous cells oxygenation, thus avoiding premature hair-loss and the slowing down ofthe hair's natural re-growth potential. OXIMED Shampoo Man and Woman carries out a cleansing and energising action on the scalp, leaving hair that is both softy and fluffy.
Anti-Alopecia Lotion
Consists of a mixture of vitamins, seaweed, and organic extracts which improve microcirculation at the scalp level with a consequent increase in capillary blood circulation and nourishment at the roots. In the case of intense treatment, the product should be combined with the use of oximed preventive hairloss lotion for men or women and the special oximed shampoo. Product dermatologist tested. Clinical tests prove it + 75 % oxygenation - 80 % Hairloss
Treatment for Hair
Shampoo oil
The oil shampoo for dry and frizzy hair and dry skin nourishes porous hair and highly moisturizes the skin. The hydrolipid film is restored so that flaking of the skin is prevented. The hair becomes shiny and silky with an anti-frizzy result.
Seaweed and organic jasmine extracts contained within nourish and leave hair soft and shiny.
Shampoo for frequent washings
Oximed shampoo for frequent washings contains delicate non-aggressive surfactants which cleanse without altering the hydrolipid film. The product may be used every day. Suitable for athletes. Organic hibiscus extract contained within gives hair shine.
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